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About Pole Theatre UK 

This Is How Our Story Began

Pole Theatre was created in 2013 by Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle. The competition was first held in Sydney Australia and now has over 20 international competitions across the world. 

The first Pole Theatre UK was held in 2014, organised by Stacey Snedden. Stacey wanted to give the UK market a show and comp that was friendly and different and so Pole Theatre UK was born.

In 2020 Jade Bensilum joined Stacey and now co owns Pole Theatre UK. 

Pole Theatre UK has become one of Europe's largest pole competitions, with not only contestants from the UK but from all over the world entering.

In 2018 we launched our first Junior show held at The Forum Hertfordshire University.  This was a huge success, with over 20 juniors from across the world telling their stories. 

Sadly due to industry changes, we have decided in 2024 that we will only be doing Semi Pro & Professional competition. 


Pole Theatre is open to all competitors, national and international, male and female, and single, doubles or group entries. Pole Theatre is more than a pole competition - Pole Theatre is an opportunity for pole performers to display their many and varied talents, in the creation of a visual spectacular to thrill and inspire their audience.

The focus of this competition is on the art of performance. Performers are encouraged to delve deep into their creative consciousness and envision a performance that will astonish and delight. Competitors must nominate one category that they wish to enter. A winner will be announced in each category, and an overall winner will also be announced.

Please see the following info:


There are four categories in the competition:

Pole Theatre consists of 4 categories. Applicants may select more than one category to enter. Applicants must select one of the following categories per entry, and pay an entry fee for each entry:

1. Pole Art
The category of Pole Art is for performances incorporating another dance style (e.g. lyrical, contemporary, commercial, latin, ballet etc) with an artistic show concept to create a performance that is artistic in style. Contestants will be judged on artistry, musicality and flow. Contestants are expected to create a performance that demonstrates an artistic interpretation of movement and music on the pole. 

2. Pole Drama
The category of Pole Drama is for performances that tell a story. Contestants will be expected to build a clear storyline in their performance, with a beginning, middle and end.

3. Pole Comedy
The category of Pole Comedy is for performances that incorporate humorous and comedic elements. Contestants will be judged on how well they entertain and engage the audience. 

4. Pole Classique
The category of Pole Classique is for performers that celebrate the beauty and art of sexy/sensual style pole dance and striptease. Contestants must wear heels for at least part of their performance (minimum 1 minute). Contestants are required to remove at least one item of their costume in this category. G-strings, pasties etc are permitted in some countries - please check with your National Organiser.



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