Junior & Amateur Show 

Pole Theatre UK 2020 has now been announced and this year we are changing our categories. 

We have chosen to do this so that true amateurs can have a stage to 'Tell their story' 

Our 2020 show will be held @The Forum Hertfordshire University on 22nd February 2020. 

Junior - You must be 5 - 15 years, you can choose any category accept Classique.

Amateur 16 plus 

Beginner Show – You can not have entered a competition before, you may invert however basic level inverts only. This category is for those who have a story to tell and are at the start of their journey.

Intermediate - This category is for those who are a little more advanced than a beginner. This category can be entered if you have never entered an advanced category or above.  You can have placed in a beginner / inter. If caught entering this category and performing advanced moves you will be disqualified. Moves permitted are 3 points of contact or thigh and hand contact. example:  a Jade would be allowed however a handspring would not be. Please check if you would like to know if a move is permitted or not.

Advanced / Instructor – You can do any move, however if you are an instructor you can not have entered or placed in a semi pro + competition. You can not enter and get through in advanced and then enter a semi pro in a different country. If you are an advanced instructor you can not have performed in a semi pro / professional competition. Can not have placed 1st or 2nd in an instructor competition.

Pole Theatre UK has a originality rule. ALL shows which are in the final must be original for Pole Theatre UK and not have been shown on a different stage.


Applications are now open until 25th October 2019 

£35 per application

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