As lockdown continues for events, we wanted to make sure that you had something to work towards.
Our new lockdown competition allows a chance for everyone to enter and be creative.
First .. Pick a category. 
We have 3 options

Category 1:  Pole Theatre UK..
Choose between Pole Art, Pole Drama or Pole Comedy.

Tell YOUR Story, be as creative as you want to. Use props or just simply yourself, but make it beautiful, make it personal and make it creative.

25% of the takings from this category will be donated to Shaina Cruea's little boys fight against cancer. please see her Instagram and go fund me page to see their story. -
Shaina has always been a huge supporter of Pole Theatre so we thought this is an amazing cause to help her and her family. 

Category 2:  Dance Filthy & EGeneration.
Choose a sexy style of your choice, it can be filthy, it can be sultry, slinky it can be anything you want it to be. 
Must be in Heels and celebrate the sexy side of Pole. 

25% of the takings from this category will be donated to The Northern Sex Workers Collective. 
The Northern Sex Worker's Collective, founded by Toni Misty (@mistypoledancer) was created in response to the attack on Blackpool's Strip Clubs, and the discrimination certain factions of pole and sensual dancers face for simply autonomously choosing to dance. All sexy dancers deserve the right to express themselves on their own terms, without facing persecution or industry eradication, no matter whether the setting is work or just for fun. NSWC is organised by SWorkers who are also Pole Dance instructors and studio owners, and understands the importance of unity within the pole community: that our sex work siblings are fought for, respected and included in all levels of an industry which grew from our roots. Many competitors you see on pole stages, or whose workshops or classes you take, are SWorkers. Many are not 'out'. Pole and SWork are inexorably intertwined, and it's so important when pole companies and brands come forward in vocal support of SWorker rights.

NSWC is beyond delighted to have Dance Filthy UK supporting our work, and to be garnishing a competitor with a "Favourite Filthy" special award sash.  To keep updated on what we're doing to unite the North and fight against Policy that harms legal workers, please follow us at @nswcuk on Instagram! 


Category 3: Trick, Tricks & More Tricks 
This is all about the tricks, the more combos and tricks and cool shapes you can make the better. 


Then pick a level....

Amateur – You cannot be paid in the pole industry. You cannot be an instructor.
Semi Pro – You can be an instructor but not a paid performer.
Professional  - You can be paid, you can be a professional, an instructor or a performer.

The video must be no longer then 4 minutes.
You can edit as much or as little as you would like.
It must be a new video and not from an old performance.
Applications are £25 and are non- refundable.
Applications and Videos must be in for 5th August 2021 where they will be judged by selected guests.
Videos will be featured on the SPJR Vimeo.

To enter, please pay 

Once you have paid you must send us an email letting us know which category and which Level you would like to enter. Please email 

All videos must be in by the 5th August latest.

Winners of each category will be invited to guest perform at The Pole Weekender or Pole Theatre UK. Depending on their availability.

Plus prizes from XPERT, Pole Theatre UK, Pole Weekender and much more.