Show Tickets 

Pole Theatre UK tickets are now on sale.  This years shows will be held over 2 days and held at our new home, The Cresset Peterborough. This venue is an impressive 700 seat venue with onsite parking and easy motorway access. 

Pole Theatre UK is one of Europe's largest pole competitions. This year we have made a few changes and tweaks to make the show even bigger and better for you all.


Tickets for the show are now available to purchase. 

This year we are offering 3 shows across 2 days. 

Held on the 9th & 10th April 2022 

@ The Cresset Rightwell E, Peterborough PE3 8DX


You can also purchase workshops with some of our judges. 

All information available below. 


Date: 9th April 2022
Doors Open: 12.30pm 

Show Starts: 1pm 

Price: £27.50 plus booking fee. 



Date: 9th April 2022
Doors Open: 6.30pm  

Show Starts:  7pm 

Price: £27.50 plus booking fee. 


Date: 10th April 2022
Doors Open: 12pm 

Show Starts:  12.30pm 

Price: £25 plus booking fee. 

All Tickets are non refundable.

Pole Theatre UK Workshops


Chloe Anderson Workshops
Chloe Anderson has been teaching pole for the best part of 12 years and is proud to be an Xpert Master trainer, responsible for teaching the wide variety of pole qualifications that Xpert offers. As well as teaching Xpert, Chloe is also a studio owner and head instructor at The Pole Lab in Brighton which has now been open for over 11 years. 


Known for her low pole and dynamic pole combos she also teaches workshops in other studios/pole camps around the world. As well as teaching face to face Chloe also runs online classes, tutorials and workshops through her own platform: ‘Pole Rebellion’. Chloe is also an Elite Pole Competitor and has won 2 National titles. When she isn’t teaching or competiting you can find her performing on pole or fly pole. Chloe loves to be on stage and mostly enjoys performing comedy/entertaining themed performances.

Chloe will be teaching 2 Workshops, held on Friday 8th April 2022 at Herts Dance & Fitness - Welwyn Garden City. 

Workshops are £45 each and are non refundable. 

Vertigo - Intermediate plus  - 6pm 
Renowned for her low pole tricks and transitions, this workshop focuses on the lower section of the pole. Working on interesting floorwork combos, also looking at innovative ways to enter and exit the pole. Lots of level options are given but it is recommended to be confident with inverts, forearm stands and leg hangs

Heel Therapy - All Levels - 7.30pm 
For those who love to strap on a pair of platform shoes and heel bang their way to glory. A 90 minute choreography class focusing on heel techniques,
low flips and tricks suitable for all levels (level options are given throughout)
Sultry, sexy and fierce....not for the faint hearted! Knee pads and heels are recommended.


Lisette Kroll Workshops

Lisette Krol is an international Pole and Aerial artist and athlete, originally from Venezuela who is currently based in Ireland. She is a three-time World Doubles Pole Champion and an Ireland and UK Soloist Champion. She has also won
many international titles. Lisette is not only a champion performer and athlete ─
she is also the founder, owner and lead instructor at Tribe Fitness Dance Studio in Dublin.

From a young age, Lisette was a competitive swimmer and loved sports. This passion for sports, dance and the arts led to her discovering Pole Art, Aerial Art and
Acro, though she did not know at the time how this love would change her life and become her career. Lisette believes in female empowerment. She strives to
inspire others to embrace their bodies and love themselves. She is proud of her studio and its students, who see Tribe as a welcoming, inclusive community to
which they all belong. 


Lisette will be teaching 3 Workshops, held on Sunday 10th April 2022 at The Pole Room Peterborough. 

Workshops are £45 each and are non refundable. 

Hybrid Static Elements Level: Low Intermediate/Advanced -  10.30am
In this workshop, you will learn her
favorite static transitions. Her skillful sequences are full of graceful movement, strength, acrobatics, rotations and interesting elements that can be modified to different levels of ability.

Contour your lifts & handsprings - 12.15pm
One of Lisette’s specialties: the deadlift! Learn the techniques and preparatory exercises for deadlift and muscle-up movements. This workshop includes a variety of grips, entries and combinations for handsprings, flags, handstands and much more. It includes conditioning exercises and drills for on and off the pole.

Aerial Hoop Strop Tricks - 2pm 
This workshop focuses on using strops and the top bar to create interesting moves and shapes. During this workshop, you will learn transitions, as well as entries and exits to add to your routines.

TC general pic or Sick Trix Sexy Spins.jpg

Toxic Cherry

Originally a PhD level medicinal chemist, Cherry did a career 180 10 years ago,
switching her tired old lab coat for skyscraper Pleasers and the tiniest of pants. While
completing her postgraduate studies, Cherry toured with a North-East burlesque
troupe and that was precisely where her dance adventure began. Upon leaving
university, she set up Cherry Dance Academy in Newcastle city centre and has
never looked back. She has established weekend cabaret residencies at acclaimed
nightclubs House of Smith and Zarabanda Bing Bing, as well as travelling far and
wide to entertain, teach and of course judge – something she believes is a real
A true advocate of $kripper showgirl style, Toxic Cherry always encourages her
pupils to serve good face whilst being their true, authentic selves both on AND off-
stage. Cherry has won several national/international level championship titles,
including Pole Theatre UK Professional Classique 2019, Dance Filthy UK Elite 2018
and, most recently, Exotic Generation UK Pro Theatre 2019.

Six tricks and Sexy Spins - 6.30pm
Toxic Cherry is bringing a BRAND NEW, crowd-pleasing, showgirl inspired version of her signature workshop to the Pole Theatre party!
It’s a red-hot, turbo-charged session so be prepared to learn some of Cherry’s trademark tricks that have her captivating audiences across the nation each and every weekend! A true
entertainer and advocate of the Classique style, Cherry will teach you some of her show- stopping moves that have helped her win multiple national championships, including Pole
Theatre UK Pro 2019 and Dance Filthy UK Elite 2018. Super sassy but forever classy, this workshop really will show you how to nail some Sick Trix
and Sexy Spins so you can wow any crowd and have them begging you for more! Of course it’s all brought to you in good, wholesome authentic fashion <3.
***This workshop is suitable/adaptable for all levels but you must be able to safely invert unassisted and at least outside leg hang (Gemini). Heels are useful but not essential***

Pole Hussiez - 8.15pm
Pole Hussiez is all about the heels, hot pants and hustle! Be prepared to sizzle because this choreog is on fleek!
A thorough advocate of Stripper-Style dance, Toxic Cherry brings you a fully choreographed workshop where the emphasis is on flow, sensual movement and entertainment, after all
entertaining is what Cherry does best.
You will leave this session with a complete dance routine lit with grinds, grooves, bangs, tricks n hair flicks, all delivered with Cherry’s unique, eccentric flair. An element of striptease will also be incorporated into your routine so you will need a spare bra for the session (to be worn OVER your sports top).
***This workshop is suitable/adaptable for all levels. Heels are strongly recommended; knee pads are optional***

All workshops are non refundable.